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Pree Boutique Sportswear

Never before in Thailand’s fashion industry that sport and fashion blend together so chicly, resulting in fashion sportswear that wows fitness-loving urbanistas who want to look gorgeous when they work out.

“Pree” is a brand by Preeyada “Porsche” Jirawatwong and Suthasinee “Nuch” Sirithawee, a duo who created new design DNA for sportswear under the concept “Boutique Sportswear”. Merging function and fashion, the apparels are made with comfortable and supportive structure while the fashionability is not compromised. From trendy prints to accessories, the details befit boutique clothes, but the innovative fabrics make them comfortable enough to wear during exercise. To put it simply, they look so gorgeous people won’t be able to tell they are workout clothes.

“We want to create a new category for clothing, something different and never been done before. Boutique sportswear is where functionality meets fashion. Our target group is who like to exercise and take care of their health, while also looking fashionable and trendy. Imagine those girls on the way to the yoga studio, the gym or the park. Wouldn’t they want to feel dressed-up?  Pree items can easily be worn with other items in daily life and still look fashionable because we care about every element, from the fabric and the textile technology to how it is designed, tailored and accessorized. We think about both function and fashion, because they have to go hand-in-hand.”


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