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Crossin’ California

Pree Boutique Sportswear introduces you the Fall 2015 collection “Crossin’ California.” Be ready for a journey of a blast under the vibrant sun and crisp California beaches! Main inspiration is derived from a blast memory along the Pacific coastline. Cool wind with fresh, strong juicy waves becomes our signature print design available in deep blue and magenta. The sweetness of floral “Poppy Blast” print depicts the femininity which is a character of the brand. Also introducing the “Sports Denim” fabric which performs like no other: inspired by the famous Californian denimwear, our cross-functional leggings and bras can be worn inside/outside the gym to give you a go anytime, anywhere.

Special in this season, Pree Boutique Sportswear introduces running category catering to fashionista runners. Reflective materials such as zippers and tapes enhance visibility to ensure safety on the track. Feel the difference with our premium quality super-lightweight and sweat-wicking fabrics specially developed for runners to perform better with style.

Dive into fun with us today with the vibrant palette of deep pacific ocean blue, punch, and vivid pool blue pairing with denim indigo and maroon. You will enjoy working out like never before!

Break Free.

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